My public speaking competition speech

Have any of you heard of overfishing? It happens when to many of a certain marine species of some kind are caught and removed from their natural habitat. Here are three overfishing facts.

  • Over the past 40 years marine species have decreased by 39 percent.
  • Just under 3K marine species around the world are listed as endangered or threatened by overfishing and climate change.
  • Overfishing is caused by something called bycatch. (more on bycatch later)

Why is overfishing bad.

  • Takes away the population of adult fish and doesn’t leave enough fish to reproduce and rebuild their falling numbers.
  • Causes the needless loss of billions of fish and other marine animals as bycatch-the capture of unneeded sea life while fishing for a different species.

Here’s how you can help stop overfishing.

  • Don’t catch as much marine life.
  • Use seafood guides like Sea Choice and Seafood Watch pocket guide. iPhone or Android apps to make good seafood choices at the shop and a restaurant.

I hope you enjoyed my speech and remember to stop overfishing.

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