Fishing Adventure


I caught a fish, it was very windy and I started getting goosebumps! We took a fish guide and the fish that I caught was a Tailor, that’s what we think. Sadly dad said it was to small so we couldn’t keep it to eat. But I still felt proud that only I caught a fish. We took a green fishing rod for me and a red one for my 5 year old brother. We went to Patonga wharf to fish. I was freaked out by the flailing fish because I was holding it by the string! We also took a fishing kit and got bait at the servo, the bait is prawns and squid. We didn’t stay long cause it was freezing and then my brother wanted to go home so we went home. I caught one fish, that’s all I caught. By Albert.

facts about a Tailor

Scientific name

Pomatomus saltatrix. Also known as Tailer, chopper, bluefish(USA), elf(South Africa), skipjack.


Point Quobba in Western Australia and southern waters including Tasmania and as far north as Fraser Island in Queensland. Tailor are very rare along most of the south coast and Tasmania.

Drawn picture


The Tailor is a renowned predatory species best known for its relatively small but extremely sharp teeth. The tailor has a moderately forked tail, and a bluish to blue-green back with changes to more silvery and white belly. The eye can be yellow.


Tailor are highly prized species which readily takes bait, fights hard and if bled immediately after capture make fine eating. Tailor can be taken from boat or shore, on lure, fly or bait by anglers of any skill level. The most common bait and rig would be a whole pilchard bait on a gang hook. In the surf and where casting distance is required. Tailor will feed on prawn, squid and cuttlefish.


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  1. First fish caught and so much learnt. Next time it will be warm and sunny and more will be learnt. I wonder what it will be?

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