Holiday in Airlie Beach

My family left home on Sunday and drove to Newcastle Airport, it felt like we were waiting for years, but we finally boarded the plane. We flew to Properpine Airport via Bonza. The apartment block was called Boathouse Apartments and it looked incredible. We had a very nice view of Boathaven.

We then went for a walk and saw a massive and I mean MASSIVE public pool, so we decided this was the time and place to have a swim because the rest of our holiday it was raining. It was very nice but it started to get late, so we got dressed. Mum found a lovely Korean restaurant for dinner. Their food was delicious and we gulped it down. The next two days it was raining so we didn’t do much except play chess and read.

On Wednesday we took a tour guide to Whitehaven beach and the sand was 98 percent pure silica, also if you put the sand on your skin and you go in the water your skin gets smoother, here are some pictures of us.

After that, the travel guide gave us some lunch, which was yummy. So then everyone could go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and there was two spots and I only snorkeled in one spot, It was beautiful. Then we came back home and had a lovely dinner mum cooked and played a game of chess.

On Thursday we had to pack up and leave the Boathouse Apartments. We caught a taxi to Prosperpine Airport and waited a looooonnnggg time for our 2 and a half our flight to Newcastle. We then drove back home but we were a little bit late for soccer.

THE END, hope you enjoyed my blog.

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